Edward G. Rendell

Former Governor of Pennsylvania

“Jackie can speak the developer's language and she can communicate with elected officials and community residents. She can quickly identify project issues and community issues and get things done.”


  • Assessing project viability and impact
  • Grant writing assistance

  • Identification of public and private funding resources
  • Assisting with stakeholder presentations
  • And more


Every community, regardless of its size, has a unique personality, unique dynamics and unique needs. When it comes to economic and community development projects, no two communities are alike, and no two strategies will be the same, but all communities have the same desire and commitment to get their projects planned, funded and implemented to improve the quality of life for the residents who live there. Developers want a project that “works” and communities are looking for ways to entice the private dollars into projects which will stimulate job creation, improve the tax base, and enhance the quality of life for its residents.

​In this era of limited resources, the strategy to bring public and private interests together must be specific, comprehensive and creative. In addition, communities and the private sector must come together philosophically, working together to focus on priorities of the community. We know that this process involves many steps and components that need planning and oversight. JZ Parker Community Solutions LLC., specializes in providing assistance to developers and communities to assist development and implementation of just these kinds of complex high impact projects.

​We work with communities through their elected and appointed officials to identify viable development opportunities using the “Target, Leverage , Impact” approach so successful in revitalizing Pennsylvania during the Governor Rendell administration. We will assist in those issues large or small, which guide a project to development.

We work with developers as they examine real estate opportunities in those “hard to develop” areas, (blighted urban areas, Brownfields) in bringing the community and local stakeholders to the table so that the project is beneficial to all. We help to identify local, state and federal funds and follow the project through to implementation.​​